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Mitchell County, North Carolina

Nine years ago my husband and I went to Mitchell County, North Carolina.  But sadly my mother died and I found myself planning funeral arrangements long distance. 

We decided to return to Mitchell county and explore the area with a different perspective.  It just turned out we'd be there on the anniversary of my mom's passing.

My mother was from North Carolina, Bessemer City to be exact.  We were about a two hour drive from there.  The last time I was in Bessemer City was almost 40 years ago, and while we didn't go this time I can't say as I didn't think about it while we were in North Carolina.

North Carolina has become one of my husband's favorite places.  And with good reason.

Whenever we stand looking over the mountains I always know my pictures won't do justice to what my eye had seen.

We enjoyed staying far up in the mountains just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Always a beautiful place.

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