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Recovering an ottoman

In 2009 we bought this ottoman for our living room...

I really like it.  But it has started to show its age.  And let's face it, nothing is made to last these days.  Overall it still looked great, the majority of wear was to the top.

I looked at other ottomans, but didn't really care for the ones I found.  Plus they were pricey and I figured we'd have the same issue with wear.  So I decided to recover it.  Well, just the top...

I know you're probably shocked that I did stripes...

I was looking for a floral pattern.  But I really liked this one.  It is upholstery fabric and I got it on clearance for $5!

Because I'm bad about just jumping into a project and not documenting the steps along the way, I'll just basically tell you how I did this.
First I removed all the buttons.  Because there were divots where the buttons were removed I bought a shower curtain at the dollar store and folded it in two.  I cut it down to size and placed a small amount of Elmer's glue on …

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