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Brick garden path

I want to have a cottage garden.  I've taken steps to reach that end goal and it all started when a friend gave me some Chicago Brick.

If you don't know Chicago Brick, let me tell you a little about it.

After the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 the city was rebuilt mainly with brick that was then known as Chicago Common Brick.  They were made with a grayish-blue clay that when fired turned salmon and buff colors.  They often have irregularities, which adds to their charm and makes them highly desirable.

About 25 years ago here in Rockford an old Salvation Army building was knocked down.  My friend salvaged the Chicago Brick from the site.  When she said she wanted to get rid of it I was more than happy to take it off her hands.

One thing I intended to use the brick for was a garden path.

First I had to dig out where I wanted the path to be...

Then I added tube sand and leveled everything as best I could...

It wouldn't be a large path.  The pattern is a partial herringbone pattern tha…

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