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Whitewashing Terra Cotta pots

I have been searching for a small plant stand for our dining room and wanted something antique but just couldn't find what I wanted.  So I scrapped that idea.

I found the perfect sized one at IKEA, the Lantliv...

I wanted to get some simple Terra Cotta pots for it but don't really care for the harsh orange look of the Terra Cotta.

I searched the Internet on how to distress or whitewash Terra Cotta.  I came up with all kind of ideas and modified one of them.

I thinned down some white craft paint and brushed it on both the pot and saucer.

As soon as I had the whole pot brushed with paint I immediately used my sanding sponge to distress the pot.  Every other post I read said to let the paint dry fully before sanding.  But one person that tried that technique found it difficult to sand off the paint that she wanted.

Believe me when I say, there's no need to wait for the paint to dry fully.  I think you get the desired look and very quickly without waiting.  The pots soak up the pain…

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