What to do with an old window

A friend of mine gave me two old windows...

I had very different ideas for both windows.  So I decided to get down to business and work on the first one.
The first thing I did was research how to make my own chalk paint.  There are a few recipes out there.  I went with this one:
  • 1 cup latex paint
  • 2 TBSP unsanded grout
  • 1 TBSP water
Because I wanted a good contrast my base coat dark blue.

 I mixed up my chalk paint. 
But before we apply the chalk paint I brought out my secret weapon that was going to make this all come together.  Vaseline.
I applied the Vaseline to the areas that I didn't want the chalk paint to adhere.
 I was going for was a distressed look.

You know most people scrape and paint  a window that looks like this.  I on the other hand refurbished a window to look like this.
Do you not LOVE the original hardware?  Look at the patina.  People pay money for this stuff.

We aren't quite finished.  When I was perusing the Internet one day I saw how a girl had repurposed doilies by using them behind glass, like framing them.

A friend of mine was gracious enough to give to my cause.  Although when I told her it would involve cutting them, she was a little apprehensive.  After all, she had made these.  Can you say beautiful...

You just stretch the doilies as tight as you can and staple them to the back.  The tighter you pull them the better they look.  Then carefully trim the excess.

I'm super happy with how it turned out.

A special thank you to everyone who made this project possible through their donations.


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