Modern Farmhouse meets Barn Quilt

I got to thinking about how I would love to have a Barn Quilt for my fireplace mantel in our living room.  But I wanted it to be along the lines of a Modern Farmhouse vibe.

 I seriously thought this project would be the death of me.
A little dramatic?  OK, maybe a little.  But I struggled with this one.  Initially I wanted a more complicated pattern and it wasn't coming together.   I opted for simplicity and went with Four Points.  Easy…

I used gray, black, cream, tan and khaki for my colors.  Then out of 1 X 2’s I made a frame for it.

It looks so beautiful against the barn wood above the fireplace on the mantel!

Who says barn quilts are only for barns?

Isn’t she glorious?

For you cost savvy readers here’s the  breakdown:
24 X 24 sheet plywood $5.33
(2) 1 X 2’s $1.88
Craft paint $3.87
Total: $11.08


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