Barn wood shutters

I decided that our garage windows needed shutters.

We are guessing our garage was built in the 1950’s, even though the house built in 1933.  It’s a simple structure with two windows.  I added window boxes a couple of years back.  

Now I did my research about shutters.  Technically no garage should have shutters since they really serve no purpose other than looking cute.  I read an article by a “Shutter expert” and have broken every shutter rule there is known to mankind.

If you’d like to read his post you may do so here:

We had some barn wood left over from our last projects so we used the wood we had.  Sadly, we ran out of wood so the shutters for the North facing window had to be made of store-bought lumber.  

We stained the shutters and gave the window boxes a face lift with the same stain.

I think they look so cute.

My barn quilt is still shining bright!

Our garage is pretty basic.  Now I think it’s just pretty.

I think the shutters add a nice touch, even if they technically aren’t appropriate


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