Refinishing a hardwood floor on a budget

Recently my husband and I refinished our stairs and added a Dash and Albert stair runner called Vanilla Sky.  You can read all about it in my post 


I then looked at the gross Berber carpet that ran the length of the hallway and knew it had to go.  It took me two hours to rip it out and remove the billion staples and tack strips.  But after I saw all the stains on the underside of the carpet I rejoiced that it was gone. However a tinge of reality set in because a
fter I removed everything, this is what I was left with...

I call this picture "floor as a drop cloth" because I think the former owners thought it was a good idea to just let the paint fall where it may.  For just a second I worried if I had made a mistake by removing the carpet.  How was I going to get those paint stains off?
And this is why I love the Internet...

Recommendations on the Internet said to try S.O.S pads and Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.  I tried both, along with a razor blade and must say I was most successful with the S.O.S pads.  That's not to say that the Magic Eraser wasn't a help, because it did its part too. The floor was in some desperate need of finish. And since I'm cash poor, cheap, thrifty, I needed an economical fix.  So I thought I'd try Rejuvenate Complete Home Renew System Wood finish Restorer.  I bought the kit that contains the cleaner and restorer products along with the applicators.  The kit cost me about $20 and can be found at Home Depot.  And while it's not a refinish job like you'd get from a professional, it's pretty good if I may say so myself.

That's what two coats will get you.  I may do another.

Notice the finished newel post.  I also did a strip of the same Minwax Polyshades Espresso in a satin finish to add cohesiveness and cover a mistake I made.  Looks pretty cool though...

The dogs can't stop staring at that runner!

And isn't it beautiful as you see that
Dash and Albert stair runner peeking out?  Yep, it's pretty gorgeous.

Now do I want to add the Dash and Albert Vanilla Sky rug up there?  Hmmm...not sure about that yet.


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