Dash and Albert stair runner installation

Dash and Albert rug company was founded in 2003.  Their rugs are exceptional in design, quality and style and best of all...affordable.  I love them and decided to add a Vanilla Sky runner to our home staircase.

Before we could install the runner we first had to rip out the Berber carpet which included removing a million staples and tack strips.  After all was demo'd this is what the stairs looked like...(that took about three hours total).
Notice the small chihuahua getting into the picture

The treads were in sorry shape.  They needed some white paint on them and so did the risers.  So, I took an afternoon on a Saturday and after four coats of high gloss white ended up with this...
Then I looked at the banister and newel post upstairs.  Lets just say, they were ugly.  Judge for yourselves...

The brown just wasn't doing anything for it.  So, I broke out my Minwax Polyshades Espresso in a satin finish.
Here it is after two coats...
You might notice I also painted the baseboards white.  I had to cover up that awful brown.  The banister also got two coats of Minwax Polyshades.
But the real star is the runners.  We had to buy two to cover our fourteen stairs.  I bought a 5x8 rug pad and cut fourteen pieces to cover the treads and go over the nose of the tread.  This not only provides padding but I am hoping will extend the life of the runner.
So glad my stripes are straight
My Miniature Pinscher had to get in on the action

This photo gives you the idea of the banister, newel post and runner all together. Overlook the ugly carpet in the hallway.

It took my husband and I about five hours to install this.  We used an electric staple gun and had some technical difficulties.  All the work we put into this project was so worth it!  I still have to rip out the carpet upstairs.  We intend to just have hardwood up there in the hallway.

To see the Vanilla Sky runner and all other sizes and styles of Dash and Albert please visit their website.  You won't be disappointed.


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