Have you ever done Candlewicking?
I had never heard of it until a friend who was cleaning out her craft box offered me a pillow kit.  I heard nothing after she said the pattern was acorns and oak leaves.  I was sold. hard could it be?

This particular pattern was made up of the French Knot stitch.  Other patterns may require other stitches.  Basically Candlewicking is a form of whitework embroidery.  Traditionally an unbleached cotton thread is used to create a pattern on a piece of unbleached muslin.

I wondered where the name "Candlewicking" came from.  Seems the soft-spun thread used for the embroidery was also used to make candle wicks, hence the name.

It's said Candlewicking was born in the wild west.  Women creatively used fabric like that of the canvas clad wagon tops and candle wicks for thread.

Interestingly after all your stitches are finished you then wash the fabric in very hot water.  The shrinking of the fabric holds the stitches and gives a puckered look which is common in traditional Candlewicking.

Why not try your hand at Candlewicking?  If I can do it, so can you.
 Isn't it pretty?


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