Lustron Homes

Lustron Homes

Westchester Model two bedroom

Between 1948 and 1950 Carl Strandlund's Lustron Corporation embarked on manufacturing a home that would according to their company brochure "defy weather, wear and time."  These were prefabricated homes featuring enamel-coated steel panels inside and out, in addition to their steel framing.  You could chose from surf blue, maize yellow, desert tan and dove grey for your exterior color.
Chicago architect Morris Beckman designed the homes.  It took about 360 man hours to assemble the homes by a Lustron team.

Carl Strandlund wanted to provide affordable housing to families after World War II.  Initially the homes were to be reasonably priced around eight to nine thousand dollars, which was about 25 percent less than comparable
conventional housing of the time.  But costs for some of the models, the most popular Westchester came in between $10, 000 to $12,000.
Westchester Model Two bedroom
Sadly due to a number of factors the company filed for bankruptcy in 1950.  Carl Strandlund died in 1975.  Less than 3,000 homes were constructed and about 2,000 are still in existence today in 36 states.  Some have been modified and remodeled.  But many people who see the significance of these cutting edge homes are working tirelessly to preserve 

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Westchester Model Two Bedroom

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Newport Model Two Bedroom
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