Riding after 32 years

When my husband and I were in Virginia in May I had an opportunity to go horseback riding.  I hadn't been riding in 32 years!

 I had to remember everything, how to hold the reins, keep my feet positioned and most of all control the horse!

Most of the horses at the farm where I rode were Morgan horses.  Morgan horses are very versatile.  These horses were able to be ridden both English and Western.  I have always preferred English, as that is what I am accustomed to.

When I was a kid there was a farm called Spring Hill about 5 minutes from where we lived.  It's still there, but in danger of being demolished because the city says it "has no financial benefit".  It's been there for over 50 years.  It cost me $5 to ride for a half hour.  I couldn't go as often as I'd liked because we couldn't afford it.

My mom knew how much I loved riding and I was actually good despite never taking lessons.  I remember my mom said she wished she could afford to let me ride every week.  I never forgot that.  Even though it wasn't possible, just knowing she wanted that for me meant so much.

Riding in Virginia was a dream come true for me.  I just hope I don't wait another 32 years to ride again.


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