Trip to Warm Springs, Virginia

When people think of the state of Virginia they often think of the state slogan, "Virginia is for Lovers".  But did you know that while this slogan was chosen in 1968 as the state motto, "Virginia is for history lovers" was also in the running but felt to be too limited in its scope.

My husband and I recently made a trip to the Allegheny mountains in Virginia.

While I've been to Virginia as a child with my parents, I had only been to Virginia Beach, Richmond and Norfolk.  Never have I seen such a beautiful area as Warm Springs.

We stayed at a lovely cabin.  The couple raised Morgan horses.  I was able to ride during our stay.

The area has such natural beauty to be sure, but the history is so abundant.  I love seeing the quintessential southern home regardless of the condition.

I always think about the families that lived here and the lives that they led.

There is just something so welcoming to me about these homes.

This house was in the most beautiful location.  I love a house that you have to cross a bridge to get to.

Some of the homes are chinked log structures.

There was so much to see that we barely scratched the surface.  I hope to be able to return.


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