Barn wood fireplace

Updating our fireplace

For a long time I  wanted to update our fireplace.  I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.  

I started by painting the mantel white.  Then I added some left over barn wood above the mantel.

When we installed the barn wood wall in the craft room we used the boards with their rough edges.  For this application we trimmed all the edges for a tighter fit.  We also did a brick pattern.  I scrubbed down all the wood since we would be using the brown side and not painted side of the wood.  I really wanted to get a shiplap look. Mission accomplished!

I also decided to pare down what I put on the mantel.  I decided to keep it simple.

Everyone should have a bowl of acorns…

My barn quilt looks pretty amazing on that mantel!

Now our fireplace is a little more beautiful.  I still have to update the hearth, but this is great progress!


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