The artsy bungalow

I continue to meet some really fantastic people.  Recently I had the joy of meeting my neighbor Denise.
Her home can rightfully be described as "artsy".

It is a wonderful expression of her creativity.

She knows what colors work best together to compliment her home.

I love when people aren't afraid of color!

Look at this beautiful door!

When you see Denise's home you get a glimpse into her imagination.

Look at these chandeliers on her front porch.  Awesome!

There is so much for your senses to take in at her home.

Gorgeous stained glass.

I love that she painted her wicker settee purple.

Through this gate is a whole other world that Denise and her husband created.  

The gate itself is spectacular.

Step into the world Denise created for herself.

Her daughter painted this flamingo.

They have this tranquil pond.

Denise is a firm believer in repurposing.

She tried to use this light shade as a bird feeder, but decided it really works best as a light fixture.

There was so much to see in her yard that I didn't know where to start.  That's a good problem to have as far as I'm concerned.

Denise really loves this sculpture...

When I see homes like Denise's my creative juices start to flow.

I am so grateful to Denise for opening up her home to me and sharing her vision.

I love when people not only get who they are, but aren't afraid to express who they are.

Why not be like Denise...

Express yourself!


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