Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

How to add value to your kitchen with little money...

Minor kitchen remodeling often includes replacing counter tops, swapping out old appliances for new and refacing cabinet fronts.  It is estimated that these changes could cost just under $20,000 but will add about 75% of their cost.  That's not a bad investment.

But we didn't have $20,000, we had more like under $2000.  And that price tag included a contractor.  Stop laughing.

Because I am, as I said before cash poor, cheap, thrifty, I had to be creative.   I had to shop around.  I had to look for closeouts and sales, and scourer the internet until I could find the best prices possible.  And that my friends, if you're willing to put forth a little effort isn't so hard to do.

I must say, I did spend the most time looking for a kitchen faucet.  It had to be different.  Like something no one else would maybe even consider having in their home different.  Finally I stumbled across Belle Foret faucets.  They are beautiful, if a faucet can be beautiful...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

This is a head on view.  It also helps you to get an idea of the unusual sink I chose.  I like having one large portion of a sink for washing, and the smaller side for prep work.  It is a smaller sink, but I needed a certain size to fit my space.  The great thing is the finish.  It will never scratch, or stain.

This is a close up of our tile.  It is both glass and stone.  The glass colors are gray, citron and really a dark forest green but it shows up black in this picture.  I picked a white grout and it really made the tile pop.  After looking at tile shops on-line I must say I found the best deal through my home improvement store.  The tile was on closeout, and was delivered free to my home.  It was an on-line purchase only.  

Our counter top was also purchased through a home improvement store.  They really are worth a look, we could not believe the choices!  We chose laminate that is suppose to look like soap stone.  Works for me.

This kinda gives you a good view of our main kitchen cabinets.  They are original from 1933.  My goal is to give them a new coat of paint, white paint.  Excuse the cat on the counter and the opened cabinet door...

Now for just a few small touches...

We ordered this light from Rejuvenation.  They custom make your light for you after you pick the style, shade and finish.  Compared to fixtures from big box stores, these are competitive in price and the quality outstanding.

I bought these vintage canisters on EBAY.  They are Kromex.  They were all the rage in the late 50's.  Love them!

And what kitchen would be complete without a squirrel cookie jar?  I found this little guy at TARGET.  But he holds my dog's biscuits, not cookies.  Well, I guess to them they're cookies.

I also made the valances, so cheap with merely foam board and fabric.  They look like a million bucks.  At least I think so.

Now, had we been more confident and had all the right tools and time we might have tackled this ourselves.  But we didn't, so hired someone to install everything.  And that my friends is my under $2000 kitchen remodel.

I have not been compensated in anyway by these companies, I just love their stuff and my opinions are my own.


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