Elgin Hurd House

Good things come in small packages...

The Elgin Hurd House
Built 1900
Location:  Hurdsfield, North Dakota in Wells County

Source:  www.snookles.com

Elgin Hurd built this house for his brother Warren Hurd to be used as an office for the sale of Northern Pacific Railway lands.  Amazing that it still stands and is in very fine condition.  Its value was recognized and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Source:  Brian M. Gardner, Photographer

The National Park Services documents contain the following information regarding the Hurd House...

"The Hurd Round House is significant for its unique architectural form and for its role in the settlement of Wells County, North Dakota.  The Round House was designed and built as a land office for Warren Hurd by his brother Elgin, a carpenter and stonemason who had also studied architecture.  Warren Hurd was born in Fillmore County, Minnesota in 1855, and later was a farmer, merchant, banker and realtor in Superior, Iowa.  He suffered severe losses in the nationwide panic of 1893 but within a few years recouped sufficiently to purchase for resale and development ten sections of Northern Pacific Railway lands in Wells County."
Source:  NPS Focus Digital library

Despite the remote location of this home, it gets many visitors every year.
Why not check it out for yourself?


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