Cleaning my Dash and Albert stair runner

Three years ago my husband and I installed our Dash and Albert stair runner.  The pattern is Vanilla Sky.  This is how it looked when we first installed it...

I really loved the colors.  And despite the fact that the pattern's colors were rather light I still went with it and was happy that I didn't compromise with a darker color or pattern.

My only issue these last three years was how to clean it.  For some reason I started to notice brown stains on a number of the treads.  Perhaps they were stains wicking up from underneath. Not really sure since we try to be super careful about wearing shoes, especially since all our floors are white!

I tried all kinds of things to clean it, but nothing worked.  I tried Folex, which got rave reviews and was even recommended by a friend but it didn't touch the stains.  I tried Resolve, which seemed to work initially but after it dried the stains were still there.  Plus the smell was awful.  It was difficult to use with my asthma.

I even tried a vinegar method with a hot iron.  Not only did it not work but even faded some of the colors on one of the treads.

Finally I decided to try OXI-ALL Clean'N Fresh.  It was only a dollar for a 14 ounce container at my local supermarket so I figured I had nothing to lose.  

Here's how it looks after cleaning with OXI-ALL...

I must say, it turned out quite good!  No more brown spots.  I added one scoop to 16 ounces of warm water, applied it to the stains, blotted with a towel and let dry.  (The instructions encourage rinsing with water, allowing to dry and then vacuuming.)

I wish I had taken before shots.  But to be honest, I didn't think this would work at all.

The stair that looks the worst is the one where I tried the vinegar/iron treatment.  You can see where that stair is a bit faded.  But no brown stain anymore!

This product claims to be "color safe", which I believe to be true.  However, I would still try a small area first before applying to any surface you aren't sure about.

The brown stains are gone, and I couldn't be happier.  An inexpensive fix for a runner that I hope I'll have for a very long time to come!


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