My Chicago home

I was born at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.   1966

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.  Not because I was born there.

Wikipedia made these comments:
"The hospital traces its origins to the Board of Commissioners' establishment of a "Poor House" in 1834 to provide free medical care to indigents. By 1847, the Poor House was unable to meet the demands of the population. At Kinzie and State Streets, the County rented Tippecanoe Hall, which became the original Cook County Hospital."

I was the last of five girls in my family.

We lived in Logan Square.
In 1960 the population in Logan Square was 94,799.

We lived in Logan Square until I was five years old.
We lived at 3834 West Wrightwood avenue.
It was a flat.  We lived upstairs.

It was a fun place to live.  I remember riding my blue tricycle on the front sidewalk and people opening the fire hydrants in the hot summers to cool off.  Despite threats from our parents we always disobeyed them and played in the alleys.  That was where all the excitement could be found in the city.
Here's a picture of my dad in our flat.  Check out the cool radiator!

I went to Mozart elementary school.

We walked to school.  I'm on the front row, sitting down.  The forth from the right in the striped dress.  I think I was talking to the girl next to me.

Believe it our not, this is a picture of me and my niece!  (She's the dark-haired one.  I'm older by three months.)  I remember when my mom took this picture.  I think I thought I was a future super model or something.

I remember the day we moved out of Chicago.  My parents wanted to raise us in the suburbs.  It was exciting and scary at the same time.  Chicago was all I ever knew.  I was never afraid there.  It was our home.
Here I am with my two sisters.  (I'm the one in the middle) Our lawn at the new house was dirt.

My dad planted the grass seed himself the old fashion way.
Here is our grassed lawn.  That's me with two of my sisters, my niece and grandfather.  (I'm the smallest).

Living in the suburbs became our way of life.  It was quiet there.  My sister taught me how to ride a two-wheeler bike.  We had a good life there.  I lived in the same house with my family until 1985 when I married and moved out.
We only went back to Wrightwood once.  Although we left Chicago in 1971, it's still my hometown.

Flickr: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: onasill

Where do you consider home?


  1. Nice to read you again. It was a lovely visit to your childhood Chicago past.


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