Mount Carroll, Illinois

There are certain discoveries in life that surprise you.  Discoveries you are so glad you made.  One of our recent discoveries was the town of Mount Carroll, Illinois.  It started as a mill town in 1841 and became incorporated in 1855.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic places in 1980 owing to its  historical and architecturally significant structures.

It also found its place on my list of towns I would live in.  See the house pictured below?  I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.  It stands totally gutted and I hope someone with the vision I have for it will restore it.


This is the S.J. Campbell Sr. home built in 1875.  Campbell had a hardware business but later made his fortune in banking. The style, Italianate.


This home was built in 1856.  The John Christian family that resided here came from Boonsboro, Maryland in 1838 making them one of the earliest settling families to the area.


The door is awesome!


This home which was built in 1878 belonged to  civil war veteran Captain W.H. Wildey.  He was the first grocer in town to have a delivery wagon.  He ran his business for 59 years and died in 1941 at the age of 102.


This Federal style home belonged to B.H. Hallett…


This Federal style house belonged to his brother James S. Hallett.  Both were built in 1856.  The Hallett brothers were brick manufacturers and much of the brick used to build homes here came from their company.  At one time these homes were joined by a greenhouse.


After Doctor Nelson Rinedollar returned from the Civil War he built this Italianate home in 1876.  It is currently for sale.


This Queen Anne is the John Lafferty home built in 1870.


It is lovely.


The carriage house is still in the back of the property.  It retains its original horse stalls and hay racks.


This Greek Revival was built in 1860.  It first served as a church and later as a community center.  Notice the brick street.


The Uriah Green home, built in 1873.


There were so many lovely homes to see.  This one also had a cupola.



Notice the shutters flanking the front door.  Beautiful.


This was a favorite.


In addition to that beautiful Purple Plum we saw these Phlox.  So pretty!


On the drive home we spotted this oval barn.  I’ve seen round barns, but never oval.


At the end of our trip we were rewarded with the sight of this…


You gotta love a John Deere barn quilt!


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