Haligus School House, Huntley, Illinois

In December I had the privilege of meeting Diane McGowen, who with her husband Ron took a school house from 1861 and transformed it back to its former glory.

But when I was there I had some technical difficulties and my pictures didn’t turn out.  Diane graciously invited me to come anytime and take more pictures, so I was elated when I was finally able to do so!
Diane is so kind and I appreciate her inviting me into her gem of a school house.
On September 20, 2014 the Haligus School house was designated a McHenry County landmark.
Diane collects old school books and other memorabilia that you would commonly find in a school house.
Beautiful desks.  Notice the original floor that they discovered under mounds of other flooring, lovingly restored.
The gorgeous teachers desk that someone donated the her.
Because the school house functions as a residence they have purposed various areas for a sleeping, as well as a kitchen.
I love the kitchen area.  Not big, but functional and looks out over the pasture in the back.
I love her light fixture in the kitchen.  She said it was a reproduction.
They discovered the original signs from the school house.
They are proudly displayed inside the house instead of being exposed to the elements outside.
They are in amazing condition.
Diane has lots of information about the school that she’s collected.
I wish I could have spent more time with Diane that day.
 Grady the dog was welcoming too!
Being able to see Diane’s school house again was a real treat for me.
I thank Diane for her warm hospitality.
“It has been said that, at it’s best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future.”   
William Murtagh, first keeper of the National Register of Historic Places


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